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2014-11-14 06:26:33 by Rutger

I finally scanned in a shitload of drawings so they should slowly pop up one by one. Also, I have a little booklet on the way which I might sell/give away pretty soon.

In the meantime, I'm going to Helsinki in 2 weeks.


2014-10-15 19:28:28 by Rutger


I still make things. Lots of things. I just don't have a scanner or a good camera or whatever anymore. This is my sign of life.


2014-06-03 06:02:55 by Rutger

I haven't been posting any art because I don't have a scanner anymore. There's plenty of shit coming up though.

I'll also be releasing a zine with mostly unseen black and white drawings this summer. Contains some new stuff. Contains some age old doodles. Some shitty. Some good. I'll keep you updated at least.


In the meantime, enjoy some Joy Division. (Here's my by the way.)


Music for ghosts

2014-02-02 16:15:16 by Rutger


Lastly an oldie but goodie:

We're all gonna die

2013-12-27 13:51:20 by Rutger

But whatever man. Just keep on trucking in the meantime.

Working on a zine by the way. My scanner's broken so I haven't uploaded any art for a while, but I'll release some new jazz pretty soon. I've also been working on and off on some semi-interactive flash animation for over 2 years, slowly but surely.


2013-12-15 15:42:16 by Rutger

Best movie I've ever seen. Never get tired of it. Watch it if you haven't yet.

C'est la vie

2013-12-08 10:46:03 by Rutger



Macrocosm #12

2013-11-07 06:32:52 by Rutger

i can’t quit my job
be a slave or starve
some day we’ll beg to die
there’s no way out

Macrocosm #11

2013-08-29 20:03:10 by Rutger

Stuff to enjoy. Getting ready for autumn.


2013-07-21 18:51:16 by Rutger

Got accepted into psychology! Will continue drawing though. And animating maybe, if I ever find the time and motivation.